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Our Staff


Karen Jara Vasquez

Psychologist and Director

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Mariam Vargas Rodriguez

Organizational Development Coordinator


Ana Cruz Acevedo

Social worker

Board of Directors

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Amanda Ready


nancy sperry

Vice President


Joseph Kwasniewski



Daniel Coto


Olivia Skiffington


Committees and associates

There are 5 committees within the association who are responsible for the operation in different fields, to be part of these committees one must be a committed, responsible and eager to collaborate.


Those who participate in our committees are part of our associates, so they will have the legal responsibility for it.


The committees are the following:

1. Government Committee: In charge of looking for people that integrate the committees and are part of the associates, in addition to carrying out legal procedures for proper operation.


2. Collection Committee: In charge of the association and can generate income in different ways such as fundraising, events, sales, etc.


3. Marketing Committee: Responsible for publicizing the association.


4. Program Committee: Responsible for initiating the programs without any inconvenience, in addition to being able to find people who want to participate in the program.


To participate in any of the committees you must send a letter to the Board of Directors and it will approve your participation in 8 business days.


In Árbol de Esperanza we are firm believers in a world where each person can contribute to the socio-economic and integral development of more prosperous, equitable, sustainable and economically vibrant communities.


That is why, in our organization, volunteers have such an important space, since they are the ones who collaborate in the creation of support networks to build local solutions that promote better living conditions and economic-social development for women.

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