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Who are we?

We are a non-profit organization created in 2013 in collaboration with the American Foundation Ready to Empower, an organization based in the United States.


Our work is to reinforce the individual and collective abilities of women, through a comprehensive program that allows them to move towards their mental health and economic autonomy.


Our service model offers a comprehensive program where participants receive therapy, individual attention and group workshops to strengthen mental health, in addition to job training and job opportunities for employability.



Árbol de Esperanza is a non-profit organization that provides a safe and supportive space for women from the Western region, focusing on actions such as empowerment and reinforcement of their abilities, with a view to achieving their autonomy and that of the organization.


To be a consolidated feminist organization in the West that builds alliances with similar groups to strengthen its growth, thus promoting the empowerment of women in the region.


  • Responsibility: our actions are aimed at fulfilling the objectives of the organization.

  • Sorority: we aim to foster alliances and partnerships between women, from both the work team and the beneficiaries, to strengthen the growth of each one despite living in a limited patriarchal environment.

  • Respect: we guarantee spaces free from violence and discrimination due to ideologies, creed, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, socioeconomic situation and any other manifestation of discrimination.

  • Commitment: we enforce actions based on effort, perseverance and perseverance through the sense of belonging in the organization.

  • Humanized and horizontal treatment: we avoid power relations and there is awareness that we are among peers.

  • Empathy: constantly and consciously we position ourselves in the reality of the other person.

  • Respectful listening: we maintain the constant and conscious exercise of listening without judging; understanding and recognizing the particular conditions of each person.

  • Warmth: we provide a safe space of closeness and trust to share life experiences and knowledge.

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