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Karen Jara  Vasquez 


Karen has a degree in Psychology from the University of Iberoamerica (UNIBE) and a Technical Degree in Business Administration. Currently she is studying for a Technical Degree in HR and Pharmacy. Since 2013 she is the Director, President and Psychologist of Árbol de Esperanza.


She provides services to Asociación Árbol de Esperanza, a pilot project of Ready to Empower, New York since its founding in 2013, carrying out the legalization procedures in Costa Rica in conjunction with the board of directors. From her daily management as a psychologist of Árbol de Esperanza, she creates individualized plans for the strengthening of self-esteem and empowerment of the members of the organization. She provides therapeutic care, prepares reports and supervises psychology students who carry out professional internships in the organization. 


In the field of managment, she carries out the duties of a legal representative of the organization, as well as the ones related to fundraising, economic management, budgeting and reporting. In addition to that she manages the legal permits necessary for the operation of the Association and the purchases of assets. Moreover she is entrusted with the functions of the president of the Árbol de Esperanza Association. She is also in charge of reporting to the Ready to Empower Foundation in the United States. 


She has 8 years experience as a psychologist. She has volunteered in Mexico, and has served as director of Árbol de Esperanza for 5 years.

Fields of Intrest:

Cognitive behavioral psychology and clinical psychology.


Participated in the Laboratorio Nosotras Lideresas: Mujer Conectando 2017, from Fábrica de Cuentos, Vicepresidencia de la República de Costa Rica and Viceministerio de la Juventud, being selected as one of the five best projects.

Obtained for Árbol de Esperanza the third place in the recognition to social organizations "Premio Yo Soy" of the Universidad Latina".


Among Karens hobbies are travelling and learning about new cultures and languages such as English and Costa Rican sign language. She has participated in theatrical art festivals and also practices the art of zentangle, yoga and meditation.



  • Spanish 

  • English

  • LESCO (Costa Rican sign language)

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