Maryam Vargas  Rodriguez 


Mariam has a degree in Administration of Plans, Programs and Projects in Non-Formal Education, studies Psychology and Business Administration at the University of Costa Rica, has a Diploma in Project Management and Human Resource Administration, and is currently pursuing a master's degree in Territorial Rural Development and Urbano from UNQ Argentina in which she was awarded a CLACSO scholarship to pursue postgraduate studies abroad. She is studying the specialization in Gender, cities and territory of CLACSO and was admitted to the postgraduate course in Rural Development at the National University of Costa Rica. She also has a master's degree in Educational Administration from the University of Costa Rica. She has a Diploma in Migration and Childhood from the OAS and various diplomas on Gender, Feminism and Leadership (UN Women and other International Organizations), Gender Parity, Sexual and Reproductive Rights (University of Chile) and Human Rights (Hivos), Diploma in Trafficking in Persons in the Latin American context (UNICEF-IOM and CIEM of the University of Costa Rica), and in Feminist Theories.



She is the Development and Communications Coordinator. Mariam is in charge of generating strategic alliances with different organizations, generating new programs and projects with social and environmental impact, through agreements. She makes the organization visible at a national and international level through social networks, editorial design of newsletters and audiovisual media. She implements projects for the benefit of the participants and the community in order to strengthen internal and external links. She coordinates the training and internal and external training plan, their respective call and supervision. She collaborates with us by searching for, motivating, supervising and following up on the entire group of volunteers, students, teachers and interns in the association. She is in charge of the elaboration, design, execution and monitoring of different projects within the Solidarity Store, fundraising activities and international cooperation. She is a Mentor in the area of ​​Human Resources, innovation and entrepreneurship; she coordinates the socio-educational groups, is a facilitator in the 2nd phase and coordinates and facilitates the 3rd phase of our Empowerment Program.



She has more than 15 years of experience working as a Consultant for International Organizations, Government, Municipalities, the Private Sector and NGOs, conducting National Studies and Consultation Processes for the Creation of Public Policies in Costa Rica, in sociocultural management, human resources , research, systematization of experiences, teaching, design of audio/reading/visual products, management and development of virtual environments, community articulation, administrative area, education, methodological design, e-learning/face-to-face courses and extensive experience in project management inter and transdisciplinary. 


Areas of interest:

Gender, Corporalities and Diversities, Disability Situation, Homelessness, Feminism, Territory, Migration, Development, Human Rights, Violence, Sexual and Reproductive Rights, Social Representations, Participatory, Qualitative and Mixed Action Research, Critical Pedagogies , Preparation and Consultation of Public Policies, Culture, Human Resources and Social Inequality. She has participated in different Hackathons for the development of mobile applications with a gender and rights perspective, with transdisciplinary teams, participation in artistic exhibitions, presentations, conferences.


Hobbies and affinities:

Among her hobbies and affinities are audiovisual production, piano, theater, body language, body percussion, cinema, music, the challenges and new experiences,  community work and continuous learning,the beach and dogs. She also participates in a musical choir.



Graduation of Honor and Distinction in research, national and international recognition to outstanding social projects, award with scholarship to pursue postgraduate studies abroad, distinction by NGOs and social groups. Award of four projects of Social Action of the University of Costa Rica. Recognition as a sociocultural manager in the organization of mass events and activities of massive local, regional and national events and activities. Recognition of two documentary that shows the trajectory of women in social movements and struggles 1998-2018. Publication and editorial recognition for the book "Mujeres que Transforman Espacios" and "Ningún nosotros sin NosOtrxs".


Languages: Spanish, English, basic LESCO and basic Portuguese.