Our History

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Our founder Amanda Ready met a community of women in Costa Rica whom she found unemployed, without education, without adequate medical attention, living in poverty and victims of violence without long-term support. Having experience working in social services and in the field of mental health, Amanda began offering mental health therapy to women to meet their emotional challenges. After many sessions with women, Amanda learned that not only mental health support was needed, but also food, clothing, health, education and employment opportunities.


She spent the next three months in Costa Rica forming relationships, gaining confidence, creating programs and empowering leaders who would carry out their vision and eventually execute daily operations. Once she returned to the United States, Amanda founded Ready to Empower in 2013 and in 2014 RTE was granted 501c3 tax-exempt status.


Based on this, the Tree of Hope Association was formed in Costa Rica, to work in connection with RTE in order to empower the community. The creation of the Tree of Hope became an organization that works around the strengthening and accompaniment of the processes of empowerment of women and the development of their autonomy, from an approach that makes possible the emergence of leadership and collective articulation.


They started with the psychology service, later the job skills service was incorporated, the social work service and currently has the coordination of development and communication. These areas allow us to work from different spheres and offer a program and offer of services according to the realities, context and conditions of the community.


An important area that allows us to meet our objectives, is the design of strategic alliances incorporating a broad relationship between the organization, community, universities, professionals, companies and institutions. In this way we ensure that we incorporate social responsibility for social transformation. In the same way, volunteers and collaborators allow us to sustain this great project that has given important results over the years.