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Last Friday we had the joy of celebrating with several participating women in their graduation from the Tree of Hope Empowerment Program.

It has been an honor to learn from each one and see the process they have led, full of challenges, but extremely committed to themselves. Many congratulations to each one.



Encapsulated nail class.



Yesterday we had the Styling class. Here are some photographs of the participants with their models.

Styling participants will be certified by ADEMM, their certification is valid nationally and internationally.

At Tree of Hope we believe that educational and training processes should be accessible to the community, consider all the possibilities within the diversity that unites us, and should always encourage the autonomy and development of each one. We know that behind each course there are many dreams, and that is why we ensure that enjoyment is always present.

We urge you to collaborate with Tree of Hope and make it possible for many dreams to come true! You can make a difference!
You can be a godmother and / or godfather of those dreams!



Every Wednesday night we learn English! Today we play!

Learning a new language gives tools for personal development and also to stimulate different brain functions that come into play when learning, speaking and listening! But above all, when the learning process brings enjoyment and laughter.



We start our cooking classes for soda / window with our teacher Paola Vega Vargas.

By participating in our courses you contribute to reactivating the local economy. Our training model starts from taking advantage of internal resources, empowering them and dignifying the work and economic contribution that women make in different areas.

Through the courses you support the knowledge and years of experience of women in the Western area to strengthen their economic, family and personal autonomy.



It is a pleasure to have shared with all the people who participated in the Yo Creo Award at Universidad Latina. It was great to share work experiences and build alliances with you. Many successes in your projects.



Today we had the celebration of Mother's Day at Tree of Hope, we had the joy of sharing, dancing and enjoying music thanks to the singer Alejandra Pérez, who accompanied us in the celebration.



Last Friday we had a very different graduation from our Second Phase of the Tree of Hope Program. We had a walk to Las Musas.

Women are socially limited to the private sphere, their recreational possibilities are restricted, their enjoyment of themselves; and many times these spaces are not seen as a priority by ourselves, because socially they have taught us that way.

At Tree of Hope we wanted to break with what is traditionally understood as Graduation and we all decided to create more shared experiences of enjoyment and enjoyment of ourselves, exercising decision-making power on how and in what way we want to build our daily lives, from self-care ... Because each small part of our lives matters.

We also thank Tanya from INLEXCA who supported us with the transport and Nele and Manuel who collaborate with us with a lot of delivery in Tree of Hope. It is each and every one of the people who make up us who move and give energy to the organization.



Today we had the Personal Defense class for the participating colleagues, as part of the incentives for the conclusion of the Second Stage of our Program. Many thanks to sensei Ericka Bonilla and sensei Antonio Vargas.



Today we kicked off stage # 2 of our empowerment program. Our main theme is Life Skills and Human Rights. Welcome colleagues!



Today we had the opportunity to receive a Risk Management workshop from the Psychology of Labor Processes course at the University of Costa Rica. Many thanks to the students Ingrid and Pamela for sharing all their knowledge with us.



Today Luisana, Emma and Emma from Lincoln School visited us, they donated many things for the association and for the store. Thank you very much girls for all your collaboration.



Sara Castro is the godmother of Tree of Hope. Thanks to your contribution, a percentage of your sales go to support women in Costa Rica.
You can purchase Naara products by calling 8512-0579. With each purchase you make from Sara, you are helping more and more women to access completely free services.

If you also want to support us, you can contact us at, telephone 4034-2340 or through WhatsApp at 7202-6170.



Congratulations Angie!



You can take a tour of the Tree of Hope stand at the University of Costa Rica, in which women entrepreneurs have products for you. Today they have breads, empanadas, pudding, salty and sweet cheese sticks, cookies, arracache, fruit boxes among others.



We greatly appreciate Claudia Krings for all her support in volunteering. He left us many beautiful experiences. She accompanied us in many tasks and gave a new perspective to our Little Shop. She was very visionary in projecting and giving us ideas on how to improve. His talks and words penetrated many.

Claudia accompanied us in different processes and her contribution was extremely valuable for our organization, as well as for women in Costa Rica.

Meet the staff!



We are at Lincoln School, thanks to a project to empower women of students of this institution.


We started the talk Practical advice to define our life project with Claudia Krings



Today we begin the socio-educational workshop with the help of Fernanda, Ani and Paula, who begin their Community University Work - Health Promotion with us.






The new team of volunteers has already arrived at Tree of Hope 🌳🙋🏻‍♀️ For 6 weeks we will be organizing courses, activities and workshops ✍🏼 to work on the empowerment and reinforce skills of women in the Western region 🌎



The Painting and Wine event was a success! We are very happy because more and more people continue to join us to support our work. We thank Nancy, Andy and Friends of Hacienda Vivance for helping us grow. -



A bit of our cooking workshops held at Aromas Café, a success 🙆‍♀️❤

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