Our organizational structure

Boards of Directors

It covers three dimensions: Strategic, financial and organizational, supervises the achievement of objectives and policy formulation


It provides attention in the area of ​​psychology and coordinates the women's circles.


It provides a direct report to the Ready to Empower Foundation and assumes the legal representation of the organization. Performs analysis and formulation of budgets to meet objectives. Follow up on the implementation of the empowerment program

Development & Communications

It formulates projects, programs and activities for the development of the participants, the organization and the staff, as well as the search for donors, agreements, alliances and educational programs. Generates communication products and fundraising activities. Coordinate volunteering. Coordinates the The Learning Experience Lab program


Provides attention in the area of ​​social work, socio-economic studies, coordinates socio-educational groups and talks to reinforce social skills. It also represents different local networks of institutions.

Asociación Árbol de Esperanza

Cédula Jurídica: 3-002-741637


Tel. 4034-2340, correo info@arboldeesperanza.com

Costado Sur del Complejo Deportivo Rafael Rodríguez, San Ramón, Alajuela, Costa Rica

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