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  • 2018 | Árbol de Esperanza

    Our History 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2018 The year in numbers IMPACT ON LEADERSHIP Contact was made with 3 volunteer organizations and 55 volunteers were received, of which 10 come from different countries. 31 alliances were established with local companies and organizations. 13 internship opportunities were defined for participants. 4 fundraising activities were carried out. Relationship was established with 3 Universities in Costa Rica. We moved to a new location. A 3-stage program was implemented that includes: Empowerment of the mind (individual therapy and group therapy), Empowerment of Life (Life Skills and Human Rights) and Empowerment of the Future (Talks on job skills). IMPACT OF THE EMPOWERMENT PROGRAM 2500 SANITARY PADS 500 CONDOMS 200 CLOTHES AND SHOES 1000 PERSONAL HYGIENE ITEMS 120 women in the program of empowerment 75% improved their self-esteem 100% decreased their suicidal ideation and depression 90% graduated from the Empowerment Program 50% received talks about entrepreneurship 100% received crisis care and emergency supplies. 45% received training in self-defense classes 25% received English and computer classes 100% were protected from domestic violence

  • TESTIMONIES | Árbol de Esperanza

    Testimonies Meet our participants and their success stories with our collaborators Merry Elizondo "In Árbol de Esperanza I have empowered myself as a woman and as an entrepreneur" Marilyn Chinchilla "Árbol de Esperanza was my unconditional support in a hard moment in my life because only they understood what was happening to me and thus they could help me to get ahead and empower me and tell me, that if I can get ahead I'm important and I can fight for what I want and I deserve (...) I learned to value myself and love myself as I am". Sandra Osorio "It is a personalized program that helps restore self-esteem by restoring faith in oneself (...) it was a unique experience to be able to count on that unconditional support at the right time because humanity does not discriminate against sex, religion or race, (...) They took my hand and told me you're not alone, we're going to walk together until you can do it on your own again and best of all, they didn't let me go until they made sure that if I fell I had the strength to get up again". Socorro "The warm treatment, the service and the experience was very pleasant. I really liked the accompaniment, the organization and how the professionals gave us confidence. I am very grateful for everything they supported us with and the tools they gave us, empower us to get ahead and develop ventures, listening to the experiences of other people and seeing how everyone taking small steps can achieve great things and projects, starting from the bottom, from 1 to 10. Thank you very much for everything" Silvia Rodriguez "I participated in Árbol de Esperanza and as its name indicates, it has been the best thing that has happened to me and my family, it gave us hope to continue and be able to get out of the difficult situation in which I found myself. They made me get up and it grow like a tree and what they taught me in its three stages was very useful to keep me standing like that tree, I left with entrepreneurship to continue with my life. They were a tree full of hope. 🥰" Sayda Martinez "In Árbol de Esperanza I found help to get to know myself and get the best out of myself. I also I found new, understanding friends and I improved my self-confidence. I also learned how to take care of my diet and deal with my illness. I am very grateful because in Árbol de Esperanza I found hope to motivate me as a person and love me as a woman." Guiselle Herrera "On my part, I want to thank the Árbol de Esperanza Association more than anything else for supporting me. It has become a second home to me. Thank you for all the support provided for my personal and professional growth." Selena "Thanks to the Empowerment Program I was able to develop new social skills to work with other people and learn more about work in general. The professionals are the best and have helped me grow a lot both personally and professionally." Maria "I feel very happy, satisfied and proud of Árbol de Esperanza, now I am an empowered woman and a role model for my daughter!

  • NEWS | Árbol de Esperanza

    Árbol de Esperanza monthly newsletter Find out about the activities, workshops, and monthly reports of Árbol de Esperanza. ​ These reports are enable us to keep in touch with all the volunteers, collaborators, the community and participants to keep communications and activities that we manage for our participants up-to-date. Árbol de speranza monthly newsletter 2022 2021 Activities Activities Activities

  • READY TO EMPOWER | Árbol de Esperanza

    Foundation Ready to Empower Our founder Amanda Ready met a community of women in Costa Rica whom she found unemployed, with low education, without adequate medical care, living in poverty and victims of violence without long-term support. Having experience working in social services and in the mental health field, Amanda began offering mental health therapy to women to learn about their emotional challenges. After many sessions with the women, Amanda learned that not only mental health support was needed but also food, clothing, health, education and employment opportunities. Amanda spent the next three months in Costa Rica building relationships, gaining trust, creating programs, and empowering leaders who would carry out her vision and eventually execute daily operations. Upon her return to the United States, Amanda was READY to EMPOWER and founded Ready to Empower (RTE) in 2013 and in 2014 RTE was granted tax-exempt status (501c3). In addition, Amanda created Arbol de Esperanza, an organization based in Costa Rica to work in connection with RTE to empower the community. The creation of Tree of Hope became the first partnership to continue to be guided and supported by Ready to Empower. Tree of Hope stands out as Ready to Empower's pilot model as they seek to expand into other poverty-stricken communities around the world. Follow us on social media!

  • | Árbol de Esperanza

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