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  • SOCIAL NETWORK | Árbol de Esperanza

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  • Mariam Vargas Rodríguez | Arboldeesperanza

    Maryam Vargas Rodriguez Education: Mariam has a degree in Administration of Plans, Programs and Projects in Non-Formal Education, is a graduate of Psychology and a student of Business Administration at the University of Costa Rica She has a Diploma in Project Management and Human Resource Management and is currently pursuing a Master's Degree in Territorial and Urban Development at the UNQ Argentina, where she was awarded a CLACSO scholarship to pursue graduate studies abroad. Moreover she is taking a course about specialization in Gender, Cities and Territory at CLACSO and was admitted to the postgraduate program in Rural Development at the National University of Costa Rica. She is also a graduate of the Masters in Educational Administration of the Graduate Studies System of the University of Costa Rica. She has a Diploma in Migration and Childhood from the OAS and several postgraduate diplomas on Gender, Feminism and Leadership (UN Women and other International Organizations), Gender Parity, Sexual and Reproductive Rights (University of Chile) and Human Rights (Hivos), as well as a Diploma in Human Trafficking in the Latin American context (UNICEF-IOM and CIEM of the University of Costa Rica) and Feminist Theories, among others. She holds several professional certifications. ​ Functions: She is the Development and Communications Coordinator. Mariam is responsible for generating strategic alliances with different organizations, generating new programs and projects of social and environmental impact, through agreements. She makes the organization visible nationally and internationally through social networks, editorial design of newsletters and audiovisual media. Implements projects for the benefit of participants and the community in order to strengthen internal and external links. She coordinates the internal and external training and education plan, its respective call and supervision. She helps us to find, motivate, supervise and follow up all the volunteers, students, teachers and interns in the association. She is in charge of the elaboration, design, execution and follow-up of different projects within the Solidarity Store, fundraising activities and international cooperation. She is a Mentor in the area of Human Resources, innovation and entrepreneurship; she coordinates the socio-educational groups, is a facilitator in the 2nd phase and coordinates and facilitates the 3rd phase of our Empowerment Program. ​ She has been working with Árbol de Esperanza since 2019. Experience: She has more than 15 years of experience working as a consultant for international organizations, government, municipalities, the private sector and NGOs, conducting national studies and consultation processes for the creation of public policies in Costa Rica, national surveys, design of manuals and protocols for institutional action, in socio-cultural management, human resources, research, systematization of experiences, teaching, design of audio/reading/visual products, management and development of virtual environments, community articulation, administrative area, education, methodological design, e-learning/presential courses and extensive experience in national and regional management of inter and transdisciplinary projects. She has participated in different Hackathons for the development of mobile applications with a gender and rights perspective, mobility and development, with transdisciplinary teams, participation in artistic exhibitions, lectures, conferences and has acquired several national and international awards. She is part of different NGOs in gender, children and human rights issues, and owns her own consulting firm. Flieds of Interest: Gender, Corporalities and Diversities, Disability, Street Situation, Feminism, Territory, Migration, Development, Human Rights, Violence, Sexual and Reproductive Rights, Social Representations, Participatory, Qualitative and Mixed Action Research, Critical Pedagogies, Public Policy Development and Consultation, Culture, Human Resources and Social Inequality. Hobbies: She enjoys playing piano, challenges and new experiences, body percussion, theater, community work and continuous learning and likes animals. Acknowledgements: Graduation with honors and distinction in research, national and international recognition to outstanding social projects, award with scholarship to pursue graduate studies abroad, distinction by NGOs and social groups. Recognition to four Social Action projects of the University of Costa Rica. Recognition as a sociocultural manager in the organization of massive events at local, regional and national level. Recognition for two documentaries showing the trajectory of women in social movements and struggles 1998-2018. Publication and editorial recognition for the books "Mujeres que Transforman Espacios" and "Ningún nosotros sin NosOtrxs". Recognition and scholarship to pursue two postgraduate studies abroad. ​ Languages : Spanish English LESCO basic Portuguese. ​ Learn more about Mariam clicking here!

  • 2018 News | Árbol de Esperanza

    2018 Click on the images to read the full news! 10/22/19 The new team of volunteers has already arrived at Tree of Hope 🌳🙋🏻‍♀️ For 6 weeks we will be organizing courses, activities and workshops ✍🏼 to work on the empowerment and strengthen skills of women in the Western region 🌎 10/19/18 The Paint and Wine event was a complete success! We are very happy because more and more people continue to join us to support our work. We thank Nancy, Andy and Friends of Hacienda Vivance for helping us grow. 08/26/18 Some of our cooking workshops held at Aromas Café a success 🙆 ♀️❤

  • 2017 | Árbol de Esperanza

    Our History 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2017 The year in numbers IMPACT ON LEADERSHIP The number of volunteers was increased by 50% , of which 4 come from different countries. Árbol de Esperanza was selected by the Vice Presidency of the Republic of Costa Rica and the Ministry of Youth as one of the five social welfare projects in Costa Rica. An alliance was created with the University of Costa Rica to receive students from TCU. Árbol de Esperanza held 3 fundraising events. IMPACT OF THE EMPOWERMENT PROGRAM 2500 SANITARY PADS 800 CONDOMS 700 CLOTHES AND SHOES 1000 PERSONAL HYGIENE ITEMS 116 women in the program of empowerment 116 participated in recreation and graduations of the Program. 112 received classes in education. 86 received group therapy 46 received individual attention 23 participated in job talks and participated in internships 8 people got a job 4 received medical support 2 received dental care 2 received legal support

  • OUR STAFF | Árbol de Esperanza

    Our Staff Click on our photos to learn more about us! Karen Jara Vasquez Director Ana Maria Cruz Acevedo Social Worker Mariam Vargas Rodriguez Organizational Development & Comunications Coordinator Board of Directors President: Karen Jara Vásquez Vicepresident: Evetelana Obando Treasurer: Dietty Rojas Secretay: Astrid García Fiscal: Karla Lazo Committees and associates There are 5 committees within the association who are responsible for the operation in different fields, to be part of these committees one must be a committed, responsible and eager to collaborate. Those who participate in our committees are part of our associates, so they will have the legal responsibility for it. The committees are the following: ​ 1. Government Committee: In charge of looking for people that integrate the committees and are part of the associates, in addition to carrying out legal procedures for proper operation. 2. Collection Committee: In charge of the association and can generate income in different ways such as fundraising, events, sales, etc. 3. Marketing Committee: R esponsible for publicizing the association. 4. Program Committee: R esponsible for initiating the programs without any inconvenience, in addition to being able to find people who want to participate in the program. To participate in any of the committees you must send a letter to the Board of Directors and it will approve your participation in 8 business days. Volunteers In Árbol de Esperanza we are firm believers in a world where each person can contribute to the socio-economic and integral development of more prosperous, equitable, sustainable and economically vibrant communities. That is why, in our organization, volunteers have such an important space, since they are the ones who collaborate in the creation of support networks to build local solutions that promote better living conditions and economic-social development for women. Click here to learn more about our volunteer program

  • 2020 News | Árbol de Esperanza

    2020 Click on the images to read the full news! 12/31/2020 Happy New Year 12/24/2020 Tree of Hope wishes you Merry Christmas Merry Christmas. On behalf of the entire Tree of Hope team, we wish a Christmas without violence, access to decent living conditions and safe spaces for all. 11/12/2020 Empowerment Program Graduation. We congratulate the women who are completing the Tree of Hope Empowerment Program today. We introduce each of them. Congratulations! 137. 135.jpg 133.jpg 04/11/2020 New nutritional accompaniment group This Thursday at 04 pm we start with a new nutrition accompaniment group! If you are interested, you can write to us via Whatsapp at 8788-7921 or email Our meetings will be by Zoom. We will wait for you! 10/12/2020 We share the talks and courses we will have. We share all the talks and courses available virtually. Ask us about asynchronous workshops available! 08/10/2020 We congratulate one of our participants on her Graduation When a woman fulfills her dreams/goals and also, along the way, transforms herself and those around her, it fills us with great pride and we feel extremely honored to be able to see how much they have walked and built. Therefore, we want to congratulate Licda. Nazareth Vargas Rodríguez, who graduated as a Bachelor of Nutrition. Nazareth is also a volunteer for our organization, she has made us reformulate our lifestyles and understand that the goal is not so far away if we take one step at a time, aware of our own process. Thank you very much for allowing us to see so much strength taking root and growing tall, being an inspiration to other women. CONGRATULATIONS. 07/10/2020 Tree of Hope stands in solidarity with families from Ramon The Zuñiga Jimenez family requires our support as organizations, companies and the community. A few days ago they were affected by a fire that consumed the entire house. What can I donate? Food (IMPORTANT: check that they are not expired or open) They do not have any food restrictions. Personal hygiene items: Bath soap, Hand soap, shampoo, conditioner, deodorants, sanitary napkins, cloths, creams, toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouthwash, etc... Kitchen utensils: Pots, plates, glasses, cups, pans, spoons for cooking. Home appliances: Cooker, microwave, electric skillet, coffeemaker, slow cooker, etc. Other articles: storage furniture Dining room, chairs, armchairs beds and mattresses bedspreads Construction materials such as: Clapboard, cement, ceramic, tile, doors, nails, tools, canoes, wood, window glass, window frames, sink and sink, pipes, plugs, switches, electrical cables, forge, among many others to rebuild the house. Financial support to SINPE Móvil (8728-2629 in the name of Jaqueline Zúñiga) CLOTHING WILL NOT BE RECEIVED, because this need is already covered. At Tree of Hope we will be receiving your donations to send them to the family at Multicomputo 2000, 100 east on the southeast side of the San Ramón Parish. To coordinate you can call 4034-2340 (Only works for WhatsApp messages) We appeal to the solidarity of the people of Ramon. 09/23/2020 International Day against Sexual Exploitation and trafficking of women, girls and boys. 09/22/2020 Let's learn to detect domestic violence 09/15/2020 new courses We have new courses open for registration 09/09/2020 We celebrate the day of the girl and the boy. Let us honor our inner child today and always, building a better future for all. Let's honor his creativity, his imagination, his belief that things can also be resolved between metaphors and the common. That our actions be oriented so that all girls can grow up knowing that they have Rights, and that equality, beyond being an extremely important struggle, is also an obligation of the States. Today we also celebrate the girls who one day dreamed of a better world, and today work at Tree of Hope with great women to achieve it. Because girls who dream, who are not stopped, who live free, make the whole world go round, transforming it.

  • HOME | Árbol de Esperanza

    Find support with us! Be part of our entrepreneurship program! Help us to continue! WE HAVE HELPED MORE THAN 1500 WOMEN IN THE LAST 9 YEARS We are a non-profit organization created in 2013 in collaboration with the American Foundation Ready to Empower, an organization based in the United States. Our work is to reinforce the individual and collective abilities of women, through a comprehensive program that allows them to move towards their mental health and economic autonomy. Our service model offers a comprehensive program where participants receive therapy, individual attention and group workshops to strengthen mental health, in addition to job training and job opportunities for employability. Get to know our program! Our impact SINCE 2013 2610 indirect beneficiaries +180 Volunteers More than 1080 beneficiaries +390 allied institutions and persons Contact Schedule: Montday - Friday 10:00 am - 5:00 pm Contact Contact Telephone and Whatsapp: +506 4034 2340 ​ Executive Direction: Organizational Development & Comunications: Social Work: Directorate: ​ Facebook: /arboldeesperanzaong Instagram: arboldeesperanza Skype: Árbol de Esperanza. Contact Contact 50 meters east of Banco Popular, San Ramón de Alajuela, Costa Rica

  • ORGANIZATIONS | Árbol de Esperanza

    Our contributors If you own a part of a local institution that wishes to help the association or our participants please call us at (+506) 4034-2340 or send us an email to to learn how to help.

  • IMPACT | Árbol de Esperanza

    Our Impact Learn about our impact. Select the year of your interest: 2021 2020 2017 2016 2019 2015 2018 2014 2013

  • 2021 News | Árbol de Esperanza

    2021 Click on the images to read the full news! New facilities We have moved. Now you can visit us 50 meters east of Banco Popular, San Ramón, Alajuela, Costa Rica. Join our school supplies fundraiser Campaign to collect supplies 02/11/2021 International Women's Day in Science and Technology 02/09/2021 Cycle of talks on law We will have a series of talks with the support of a legal and social work advisor 02/08/2021 We are looking for a styling teacher Would you like to generate income and support other women? We are looking for you. CV reception will be open until February 21. 02/08/2021 New courses and groups We open new group for Manicure course. Saturdays from 09:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Registrations to WhatsApp 8788-7921

  • COURSES | Árbol de Esperanza

    COURSES 2022 Manicure Sewing Nutrition Crafts Encapsulated gelatins Swimsuits Previous Manicure computing Sewing Budget management molded in sugar Pinata Making Urban and rural gardens self-makeup Social networks and entrepreneurship Venezuelan cuisine

  • 2013 | Árbol de Esperanza

    Our History 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2013 The year in numbers IMPACT ON LEADERSHIP Thanks to RTE's support, ADE takes over RTE 's support programs for women in Costa Rica, including mental health, fitness classes, education, emergency support, and training. Two local women are hired to carry out the support programs. IMPACT OF THE EMPOWERMENT PROGRAM 500 SANITARY PADS 100 CONDOMS 50 WOMEN RECEIVED MEDICAL SUPPORT MORE THAN 100 WOMEN RECEIVED CLASSES, SOCIAL SERVICES, INDIVIDUAL ATTENTION, JOB OPPORTUNITIES AND EMERGENCY SUPPORT

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